Mega Attributes


Mega Leaping
Super Grapple
Lethal Blows
Upgraded Lifting & Wielding
Armor Piercing Strikes
Area Attacking


Ranged Combat Mastery
Super Sprint
Enhanced Dodge
Enhanced Reflexes –
Fast Tasks
Stealth Mastery
Athletics Mastery


Damage into Quantum
Regeneration – Converts Lethal to Bashing
Enhanced Armor
Quantum Deflection – Extra Armor against Nova Powers
Deep Breath
Immunity – Immunity to one for the 5 major energy types – Heat, Cold, Electrical, Acidic, or Radioactive.
Adaptability (Immunity to Environmental Factors)
Aggravated Soak


Skill Mastery
Analyze Weakness – Attacks grant armor piercing
Enhanced Memory
Speed of Thought
Tactical Genius – Bonus to Initiative
Taint Resistance – Subtract x from Corruption rolls.
Node Enhancement – Character can spend additional Quantum/round


Forensic Sweep
Foresight – May add up to MW dice after the fact per scene.
Quantum Detection
Enhanced Sense Mastery
Quantum Target Marking
Telescopic Vision


Node – Gain reserve quantum points
Overclock Node – Spend Willpower to gain Quantum
Body of Will – Resolve determines health levels.
Psychic Shield – Resistance to Psychic Powers
Determination – Adds resolve dice to willpower dice


Perfect Comprehension – Character can make themselves understood regardless of language barrier.
Agitator – Attempts to sway people counter to what you want face difficulty
Mega Appearance – Seduction Mastery
First Impression – On first meeting a character, roll for bonus dice that can be used on subsequent encounters.
Face of Terror – Intimidation checks effect all present.
Dreadful Mien – Basically Majesty, characters must beat DM to attack this round.


Hypnotic Voice – Prevents action so long as characters engage in battle of will
Mr Nobody – Prevents character from being noticed so long as they are surreptitious.
Lie Detector
Double Meaning – Character can be understood to be saying something else by other people.
Enhanced Persuasion


Gelding – Resistance to Seduction
Sooth – Reduces effects of taint, combat requires resistance roll.
Combat Awareness
Blind Fighting
Fire Inside – Mastery vs. Intimidation

Mega Attributes

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